Using WORkSHIP videos

The videos we create are intended primarily as backgrounds for Christian worship. In many churches or many denominations today, the benefits of technology are allowing more and more creative ways of bringing old (and new) words to life as we sing or speak them.

Our backgrounds are filmed with various criteria in mind:

  • They have resonance to either a Biblical theme or topic
  • They inspire and remind us of the greatness, beauty and skill of God the Creator
  • They allude to situations we may find ourselves in during our week: family life, work, school, college, shopping, recreation.

The careful choice of backgrounds paired to complement the words we sing or say can bring freshness and relevance to words that we may otherwise repeat from habit or just box into our mental ‘religious’ or ‘Bible stories’ pigeon hole.

Practically, we aim to create videos that:

  • last for around seven minutes – long enough for a long hymn, a couple of linked contemporary songs or a single song followed by a time of spontaneous song/prayer/silence: or
  • are shorter, but will loop seamlessly

As our primary aim is to provide backgrounds, the intention is to provide a significant portion of the image that is generally of a similar hue and brightness, making it easy to choose a colour and size of text adequate for displaying a number of lines of text at a good size and in a colour that is easy to read.

So as you browse through the site and watch the samples, you’ll see that we have superimposed on the samples not only the title and catalogue number, but the length of the full file, ‘Loop’ if appropriate and indicated our suggestions of which area to place text in and which colour to use.

More advice on choosing colours, and the technicalities of using background videos (any, not just ours!) will be the subject of future blog posts here.