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wv0031 Crossroads-g

wv0031 Crossroads1

2’51″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen An everyday scene at a road junction: stopping, waiting, going, rushing, business. And a vast expanse of tarmac to overlay lyrics and liturgy on.

wv0022 Past - the garage-L-g

wv0022 Past – the garage-L

4’18″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen

wv0016 Cound Dusk

wv0016 Cound Dusk

7’33″ 16:9 widescreen


wv0005 Brum underpass

LOOP 4’12″


wv0003 Wait

7’33″ 16:9 widescreen What are you waiting for? Advent is the season of waiting, anticipating, but you may equally find aspects of life on pause as you prepare, recover, listen or regroup before the next burst of activity in your life or church.