wv0029 Cracked ground-corn-g

wv0029 Cracked ground

1’52″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen Dry, cracked infertile ground alongside healthy growing corn. Great material for a parable…

wv0028 Poppies2-g

wv0028 Poppies 2

4’42″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen A field of poppies. Focus is set in the near rather than close foreground.

wv0027 Poppies1-g

wv0027 Poppies 1

7’00″ 16:9 widescreen A field of poppies, with a green hill far away. Focus is on the closest flowers, but in the HD version it is possible for the astute viewer to discern ripples in the long grass on the hill as the wind blows through. Reminds me of waves of troops advancing in battle [...]

wv0021 Bluebells 2-L

wv0021 Bluebells 2-L

1’08″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen

wv0018 Fountain 1

wv0018 Fountain 1

4’13″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen

wv0010 Kitesurfing-g

wv0010 Kitesurfing

5’29″ 16:9 widescreen A video showing the power of nature/the wind as numerous kite surfers go to & fro along the coast. Just occasionally a dog and child are seen to creep into the edge of the frame, paddling/playing at the water’s edge.


wv0015 Autumn Dual Carriageway

8’52″ 16:9 widescreen