Worship is our first duty and joy as Christians. But so often we make our understanding of worship too small. We talk of  ’a time of worship’ as a segment of a Sunday morning meeting, when, deep down, we know a better description may be that worship is our giving of our whole being – everything we do, say, think – to make God smile.

Our goal at WORkSHIP is to provide video resources to enhance those times where we deliberately meet together to worship and for fellowship. Our simple summary of these times goes something like this:

  1. We put aside the week we’ve had – the frustrations, worries, sins, achievements, highs and lows to focus on God, the Creator & Sustainer of all that is, the Provider of our needs, the Saviour from our sins, the Presence in our lives.
  2. We listen to God as He prepares us for the week ahead: through teaching and preaching, prayer and song we are equipped to be his Disciples at home, at work, in the pub, in the gym, meeting family & friends and so on.

Some of us use the same words and songs in our liturgy, prayer and song week after week: Others rarely repeat. The videos from WORkSHIP are designed as moving backgrounds to whatever words we use together, either reminders of the amazing work of the creator of the world or suggesting contexts where we need to apply the words we sing or say.

We are here to serve the church, so if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please do get in touch – via our Facebook page, Twitter or the Contact page on this website.