Roll Credits!

As this site is preparing to go live, I was thinking about all the people who have helped and encouraged me along the way.

The biggest encouragement and help has come from the extraordinary vicar who is Tim Lomax, the brilliant but nocturnal Dan Wilkinson who has done wonders on all the mystical code stuff, the talented and disgustingly youthful Ed Hodges who honed my blathering into a meaningful logo.

I’m also grateful to Wayne Grewcock of Twelve Baskets and Bryson Moore at WorshipVue who caught my vision and have both given encouragement and want to stock WORkSHIPvideos in their respective webstores.

My immediate circle of long-suffering family, friends and colleagues deserve a special mention – Vicki, Kevin, Steve, Paul, Katie, Hollie, GeoffSimon, Mike… I could go on (don’t they know it; they’ve heard me or sat while I’ve fiddled with cameras & computers), but will bore you and offend others I haven’t time to mention! They will all honestly agree with me that any errors in the website or the videos are mine alone!!

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  • We hope you find these video samples inspiring. Here they incorporate the vital statistics you'll need to know - duration, whether they loop, title and aspect ratio. Click on the link(s) above-right to purchase the full video.

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