WORkSHIP thumbnails

Here we are making available the thumbnail images for each of the background videos we offer.

Users of some software (eg SongPro) need a still image to represent a video background – these will fulfil that role, giving the text-area guidelines and suggested colours at the same time. Easy!

Or you may simply want to download sets of reference images so you can browse the catalogue offline or paste into an email to your minister or worship leader your suggestions. If so, please go ahead.

Zip files containing up to 10 thumbnails:

WORkSHIPvideo guide thumbnails 0001-0010
WORkSHIPvideo guide thumbnails 0011-0020
WORkSHIPvideo guide thumbnails 0021-0030
WORkSHIPvideo guide thumbnails 0031-0032

Download File

  • We hope you find these video samples inspiring. Here they incorporate the vital statistics you'll need to know - duration, whether they loop, title and aspect ratio. Click on the link(s) above-right to purchase the full video.

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