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wv0031 Crossroads-g
wv0027 Poppies1-g
wv0018 Fountain 1
wv0017 Bluebells 1
wv0016 Cound Dusk
wv0014 Flooded Woods1
wv0012 Sea Cobble Slipway-g
wv0010 Kitesurfing-g
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wv0032 Wind Turbines

1’25″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen Three wind turbines glow pink in the dusky sunlight as the unseen wind powers their motion and creates energy within them. Watch out too for the hovering kestrel!

wv0031 Crossroads1

2’51″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen An everyday scene at a road junction: stopping, waiting, going, rushing, business. And a vast expanse of tarmac to overlay lyrics and liturgy on.

wv0029 Cracked ground

1’52″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen Dry, cracked infertile ground alongside healthy growing corn. Great material for a parable…

wv0028 Poppies 2

4’42″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen A field of poppies. Focus is set in the near rather than close foreground.

wv0027 Poppies 1

7’00″ 16:9 widescreen A field of poppies, with a green hill far away. Focus is on the closest flowers, but in the HD version it is possible for the astute viewer to discern ripples in the long grass on the hill as the wind blows through. Reminds me of waves of troops advancing in battle [...]

wv0023 School Corridor

3’02″ LOOP 16:9 widescreen